Client:  ADAD

Area m2: 489m2

Address:  Level 4 109 Pitt St Sydney

Client Objectives/Brief: The main spatial objectives were to provide a film production facility which could be integrated in the proposed Boardroom, a Sound Studio, to accommodate 2 separate parts of the business (sales and media production) which has distinctive needs and include an open breakout/meeting space.  

How were client objectives met/fulfilled? Strutt accommodated the separate parts of the business by creating distinct zones; the sales team were located in the open plan area surrounded by acoustic absorbing space and a visual and audio “cave” was designed for the media production team. The overall fitout was designed with a sensitivity to existing features such as the parquetry floor and a distinctive design flair was created by juxtaposing these features with a new-age industrial look. These aesthetics were representative of the company’s brand and “feel” they wanted to emulate to the industry.