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Client:  EF International

Area m2: 1414m2

Address: L1-L3, 53 Balfour St, Chippendale

Client Objectives/Brief: The appeal of 53 Balfour St was the location, central to the hub of the city and many other education and public facilities.  The main client objectives centred around creating an inspiring environment for staff and students alike. There were clear spatial requirements with related to the operational needs of the school, allowing for 13 classrooms, lecture halls, staff areas and a sales office. The aesthetics of the fitout also had to visually represent this Scandinavian based organisation.

How were client objectives met/fulfilled? The overall design scheme reflected the contemporary, sophisticated nature of the business by employing a modern-Scandinavian aesthetic. This was achieved by using layers of textures rather than colours. Concrete look tiles married seamlessly with goat-hair broadloom carpet while a "raw" edge was created by exposing the existing timber beams and trusses. The main heroes in the fitout design are the timber staircase and considered lighting scheme, both of which highlight the bespoke design approach of this build. The spatial requirements of this fitout were achieved easily enough with considered planning. Rooms were positioned in a way to create flexible spaces and an overall open and flowing environment.