The true value of Styling.

Written By – Sophie Bowers

At Strutt, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver successful Speculative Fit Out projects for Landlords, Asset Managers and Project Managers around the country.

Commonly called “spec-fitouts”, this project’s purpose is to help potential tenants better visualize themselves in a commercial space. As the end user is yet to be determined, the interior design must be flexible in it’s spatial layout, neutral in it’s materiality so that company branding can be added without confliction, but above all; the space must be memorable!

For our spec-fitout projects, we always recommend the inclusion of accessories and styling. This is one of the simplest way to achieve the above project objectives and create a sense of “home” where an office feels lived in. Effective styling of these commercial spaces also doesn’t have to blow the budget. At Strutt, we often use suppliers such as Freedom Furniture, Adairs and even Kmart to bring in colour and texture at a low cost. Over the past years, we’ve noticed an increase in the mass-produce homeware market and are comfortable using this availability to our client’s advantage.

If you are considering styling your commercial workplace consider adding items to these areas, incorporating your own or your company’s personality along the way;

  • Reception or client waiting area; cushions or throw blankets on lounge chairs add a residential and thus comfortable feeling to a traditionally corporate space.

  • Boardroom or meeting rooms; glasses, coasters and water jugs don’t have to be plain. Consider organic looking ceramics or items with a metallic feature for added interest.

  • Collaboration spaces; stationary in these areas are a great way to encourage brainstorming and add branding or seasonal trendy colours.

  • Kitchen or breakout; this is the area to invest the majority of the budget on. Include a range of mugs, cups and canisters for various tea items. Don’t be afraid of a mismatched look, this can create a dynamic design result.

Depending on the budget that the project is targeting; artwork, clocks and décor pieces are other items which we always try to include. In our experience, spec-fitouts which have included styling and accessories seem to lease quicker than those which don’t. This link’s back to the objective of a spec-fitout project, which is to help potential tenants visualize themselves in a particular suite, décor definitely assists with this.

If we still haven’t convinced you of the value of styling, consider this: from the landlord’s perspective, the cost of accessories can be included in the tenant’s incentive or be re-used for future spec-fitout projects.

To finish off, here few of our favourite things available today;