This season’s colour forecast and how to use it.

Written By- Sarah Hipsley

We have previously seen the colour pallet trend be paired back to greys and neutrals, but this season we are looking to all things bold. Whilst grey will never really go out of style, we’re loving the return of beiges, and walnut hues as a base. At Strutt we are not afraid to splash some colour into our design pallets; bringing in rich terracotta tones and earthy greens to ground a space. Check out the use of these organic tones and textures in our recently completed Operation Zaatar project:


Even as we are seeing bolder colours come back, their muted tones give a space a sense of warmth without overpowering it. Whether it be residential or commercial, we always want a space to feel lived in. As the weather cools down and we are spending more of our time inside, it’s nice to still feel that nurturing, relaxed vibe indoors.


By delicately and meticulously introducing colour into our soft furnishings and boldly onto hard surfaces we are able to balance the colour with the neutral. Through layering different textures and transparencies of colours and neutrals we are able to put together a curated spatial layout. Accent legs, bases and edge details are a great way to tie colour into loose furniture items or soft furnishings with subtlety. Utilising a piece of furniture to bring in a splash of colour can be as simple as changing the leg to have a dip of the same deep blue featured on the kitchen ceiling. This also enables us to make bold statements with ceiling and wall paints. By showcasing a single wall in a space or even painting the walls half height in a bolder colour the fixed elements start to tie in more seamlessly with the loose elements.

Images by: Dulux Australia, Dowel Jones, Life Interiors Furniture

Images by: Dulux Australia, Dowel Jones, Life Interiors Furniture

Good design looks at a space from at least six sides (four walls, a ceiling and the floor), so we need to keep in mind how the colours will look as a whole pallet and not through a single vignette. For example, by tying a rich cinnamon tone on the ceiling with a deep complementary wall paint and a textured flooring the space is opened up as appose to giving it a sense that the ceiling enclosing on you.


We are also loving how the colour selections this season are creating a much moodier vibe, creating a sense of relaxation and calmness in any area.  Pairing a pallet of beige and chocolatey tones with dusty pinks and mauves still has that feel of a neutral selection of colours without reverting back to all whites and greys.  This opens up the choice for our clients to put their own personality and feel into a space.


If this doesn’t inspire you to go and have a play around with some colour, take a look at our project gallery where you can see more of what we are talking about.