Client: Valad

Area m2: 206

Address: Level 5, 1 Castlereagh Street, Sydney

Client Objectives/Brief: The main objective of the spec fitout was to create a leasable space that would attract a wide market. The brief challenged Strutt to create a neutral yet dynamic space that was flexible. Flexibility is an important factor to consider in spec fit outs as it allows for the space to be easily modified without excessive costs should it be a requirement in the future. At a stage when the tenant is unknown, there is a need to ensure the space can be easily adapted to suit whomever leases the space and their requirements. Additionally, this space was considered to be quite dark so another objective was to brighten up the fitout.

How were client objectives met/fulfilled? The final result is a fitout that is contemporary and neutral achieved by using a restrained colour palette with textural finishes. This approach ensures for a wider target market. The challenge to brighten up the space was met by embracing the site’s characteristics and working toward creating a moody ambience. This was highlighted by using design elements such as black glazing frames and painted black shadow lines and ceiling recesses to create contrast and give a greater perspective view. In addition, the spatial layout was created in a way where the only source of natural light could travel throughout the whole space ensuring there were no dark corners. The layout has been designed to allow for easy modification if needed. Additionally, to be distinguished from other spec fit outs, there was particularly close attention to detail and finish such as recessing the television, table edging detail and accessories.